Are You A Hard Core Cyclist? 10 Questions

Are You A Hard Core Cyclist Or Soft Core Cyclist?

There are  dozens of these on the internet (one larger example here), but here are 10 things I see.

The Questions:

1. Is it about the miles or about the ride?
The Miles  +1
The Ride
Both + .5

2. Do you push hills when there is no need to?
Yes +1

3. Do you push the hills if  a slower rider starts to pass you on the hill?
Yes +2

Hard Core Cyclist

4. Do you regularly wait for lagging riders or except them to catch you at      the light or pit stop?
Catch Up +1

5. High speed pacelines whenever possible?
Yes +1

6. Your outfit must be cool?
Yes +2
Somewhat +1

7. You try to obey all traffic rules?
No +2
Mostly +1

8. Hills are fun or at least worth the effort for the workout?
Always +2
Limited +1

9. Is a pit stop a time to socialize or for minimum recovery?
Recovery +1

Are You A Hard Core Cyclist? 10 Questions 1

10. Its time to buy a newer, better, lighter, sleeker, cooler bicycle?
Yes +2
Rarely +1
It ain’t broke

Glenn’s Official Scoring:

0-5 You are definitely soft core and mostly about enjoying being out on your bicycle

6-8 You are in between,  you sometimes want to push, but there are limits.

9+  Its about how much you can push and test yourself.

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