Biking in the USA

I have never bicycled overseas.  My friends have.  I have seen the various races on television.

So, in fairness, while I cannot compare the two from personal experience, I can and will extol the riding opportunities in the US.

I have ridden my bicycle in NY, MA, VT, ME, RI, CT, MD, PA, FL, SD, CO and OR.

I have driven my car through the above states as well as much of the Western US.

The variety of cycling opportunities in the US is incredible.

In Oregon we rode in the Columbia River Gorge.  We saw dozens more riders on the Oregon Coast Road.

In South Dakota we rode on the 109 mile long Nickelson Rail Trail (not paved).

In Colorado we rode on the paved trail between Glenwood Springs and Aspen.  We drove on roads that were  incredibly wonderful for cycling.  We saw many people cycling in Rocky Mountain National Park at altitudes over 12,000 feet!

We’ve ridden on pavement, asphalt, dirt and gravel.  Great rides and not so great rides.  Hilly, flat and rolling.

Keep the US in mind as an option for your next cycling vacation.