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Riding The Newport Beach, Dana Point. San Clemente & Laguna Woods Area

Our local bicycle club does scenic rides on a weekly basis.

Every winter, we leave the Kansas City area for the warmth of S. California. We also get the beach. As former New Yorkers who grew up and lived by the ocean, moving to Kansas City left a big hole.

Scenic Rides #1

This post is only the first of three.

Our group starts from LW Village, but since there is restricted access to parking, I have started the ride from the Aliso Viejo Community Center.

For a longer version, if you know the roads, you can park outside the Community Center parking and ride in.

The full ride is 32 miles, but I will explain how to make it shorter or longer.

Scenic Rides #1

Out the door, you are on the Aliso Viejo multi use path, heading South.

(If you head North, you will have a 13-15 mile gentle climb to Cooks Corner, all on bicycle trail.  Excellent for training.)

OFF ROOUTE: At the first street, you could go right, then left for a ride down the canyon road.  It is really beautiful, but only about four miles.  For an additional eight miles you could do that and then pick up the route again.

ON ROUTE:  Turn Left, then right down the the cross walk light.  You will come back up the road and enter the gate in to Laguna Niguel Park.  You will be off road for several miles.  Always, nice.

3 Scenic Rides In S. California 3
Laguna Niguel Park







There is not much traffic in the park and there is a really nice lake. The route will take you through the entire park and let you out on a multi use trail at the end of the last parking lot.

Ride this until it ends at Crown Valley Parkway.

Crown ValleyYep, you are on a road with moderate traffic. There is a dedicated bicycle lane, however. Traffic is usually well behaved. Cyclists need to be well behaved too.

The route map will, eventually, take you to Dana Point.

OFF ROUTE: If you want to shorten the ride, stop for a break at Dana Point Harbor.Dana Point Harbor

When you are ready, continue the ride to Doheny Beach. The route to San Clemente continues straight. However, if you go through the parking lot to the water front, you can pick up the bike trail back and skip the 8 mile out and back to San Clemente.

ON ROUTE: The out and back to San Clemente first goes through the park camping grounds, right along the ocean. There is then a dedicated path, with a barrier to the road, out to San Clemente.3 Scenic Rides In S. California 4

On the way back, you come back to Doheny Beach to pick up the bike trail heading north along the canal.

The route has you exiting the bike trail for a break in San Juan Capistrano.

OFF ROUTE: If you prefer to skip the break, stay on the bike trail until it ends. Get on the residential street (you can only go left) until it ends. Go right at the end, then left over the RR tracks. You will then be back on the route.

ON ROUTE: Follow the road through town. You will, eventually get into the semi open area of the Northwest Open Space.3 Scenic Rides In S. California 5

At the RR Station, you will need to cross under it to continue the ride.

The remainder is pretty simple,  with a climb up OSO Parkway, followed by a long, long downhill.

You will get back on the bike trails at the end of the ride, to finish up.

Go for smell the roses on the trails and speed on the road.

More rides from this area.

Glenn Abelson

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2 Fast Miles To The End Wed, 21 Oct 2020 12:20:23 +0000 Slow down, relax and pace yourself until

2  Fast Miles To The End Of The Bike Ride . . . OR . . . Threat Of  Rain

Pacing yourself is my wife’s motto on a bicycle ride.

Susan reached a point, mostly due to age and a horrific accident in a pace line, that she declared, from henceforth, there would be NO TRYING TO KEEP UP THE GUYS.  There would be no pace lines at 22 mph, or even at 16 mph.  Riding was to be social and relaxing.  Last up the hill was fine if it meant staying away from the crazies jostling for position.

So we started to ride more towards the back of the group,  with a little extra space on the down hills.

Neither do we try to catch up if the gap widens. Since the main group seems to dash out then slow down, or get caught at a fair amount of traffic lights, we know we catch up within a few minutes.

As a result of this refusal to dash out, catch up, power to the front and to otherwise expend unnecessary energy, by the end of the ride Susan is not  always tired (the exception being long hilly rides).

The benefits of this type of riding is covered in my Speed vs Roses post.

2 Miles From The End

So, about two miles from the end, she gets the ‘horse smells the barn door’ effect.  Knowing there is no longer a need to conserve strength,  she feels free to ‘go for it’.   Often, with the ride average was based on the last two miles it would be about four miles an hour faster than the rest of the ride.  Ahh!

Threat of Rain

This particularly came to light, when we were on a road trip out west and took a day off to ride a section of  the Mickelson Trail, in Hill City, SD.  The trail is 109 miles long and packed dirt.  We rented some mountain bikes at a shop outside of Custer and off we went.

not quite 2 fast miles to the end

I was riding what I thought was a stately pace of 12 mph, but leaving Susan behind.  I stopped to wait.  When she caught up she explained that this was to be a super relaxed ride, enjoying the scenery.  Given those options (none)  I agreed.   We rode about 15 miles and stopped I do not remember where for a picnic lunch.  The ride out was about 1/2 up followed by 1/2 down, so the return would be the same.

2 Fast Miles To The End 6

As we got to the top of rise on the way back, black ugly thunder clouds swept across the sky.  Susan hates riding in the rain and refuses to ride if there is the potential of lightning.

So . . . my low key bicycling wife, for whom slow was the new norm, sees the weather rolling in and takes off, down the hard pack dirt road at a steady 22 mph (according to my garmin), for close to 7 miles.  It was the only time riding with her, that I had a hard time keeping up.  We did beat the rain, however :).



Comments welcome, below

14 Bicycle Lies Mon, 21 Sep 2020 06:31:30 +0000 Bicycle Lies & What Is Really Meant, Truthful Or Not
  • I am not going too slow.

    • You are doing a relaxed/recovery pace on purpose.
    • You chose to go on a ride that you knew would be a push and cannot keep up.
    • The huge breakfast was a bad idea.
    • Your city cruiser was the wrong bike for this ride.
    • Send me more . . .
  • Today will be an easy day…also defined as:

    • We are not going too fast, this is the normal speed for this group
      • You are hoping the slower riders with drop off.
      • You are hoping everyone will drop off.
      • You are really pissed at someone and getting you aggression out.
  • I am not lost. I am exploring/offering an alternative route.

    • You have no idea where you are and hope you find a familiar landmark soon.
    • You are impatiently waiting for someone to say “I know a good shortcut/alternate route.”
  • I am not tired. I am just smelling the roses.

    • You are shot and have no idea why you even got on your bicycle today.
    • This was supposed to be a slower ride.
  • I am not bonking. 

    • Yes, you are.

  • I will be back by 1 pm

    • Only if there is a game I want to watch.
  • This is a no drop ride.

    • Except, unless someone waits at every turn, you are lost if you do not know the route.
    • Sure, they will wait for you,  while you burn out trying to catch up.  As soon as they see you, the group will start up again.
  • I can climbs these hills with the best of them.  I CHOSE not to.

    • You are just keeping an even pace.
    • These aren’t hills, they’re mountains.
    • You really don’t need to keep up on the climbs.
  • I am not riding today because I chose not to.

    • Your significant other said “You’re going riding again?” and you realized the penalties you would reap.
  • I cannot help pull the pace line today as I am under the weather.

    • About 4 miles from the end of the ride,  you suddenly recover and break away for the final stretch.
    • In our club on Long Island, NY, you would get a whole lot of attitude, however.
  • absolutely can fix my own flat in record time.

    • You are perfectly aware that by hesitating for a moment several others will offer to do it for you.

14 Bicycle Lies 7
The joke is always, how many cyclists does it take to change a flat tire. At least four, it seems.

  • Today’s ride will, TENTATIVELY, be to this location via these roads.  Changes may be made.

    • Rider A – pulls ahead of you.  You change the route to add a turn before the scheduled one.
    • Riders B-G pull ahead of you.  You change the destination.
    • Riders H & K are at least five minutes back.  See No Drop Ride above.
    • Starting the ride with 15 people and returning alone.
  • Does anyone need a pit stop.  Everyone says no.

    • You are hugely disappointed, since you really could have used one.
    • Several others in the group feel the same.
  • Today’s ride will not be hilly/long/fast.

    • Define hilly.
    • Define long.
    • Define fast.

Bicycle Lies - I am not going too fast


Some more on this.

As always, reader participation is welcome.


3 Beautiful Vermont Bicycle Rides Sat, 05 Sep 2020 05:56:57 +0000  Beautiful And Scenic, With Plenty Of Hills And Thrills, 3 Beautiful Vermont Bicycle Rides

Two of the bicycle clubs I was in when I lived on (yes, on not in) Long Island (pronounced Longailand) NY,  took multi day trips to central Vermont every summer.

One club rented a house in Proctorsville,  Vt., just outside of Ludlow.  The other club stayed at Blue Gentian Lodge,  Londonderry, Vt.

The first ride, below is routed from Ludlow.  However,  since, the route goes through all the above towns, plus Weston and Chester, you can actually start in any of these places.

Ride 1…Terrible Mountain Loop 43 Miles

Terrible Mountain (really) Loop.  42.7 miles, 2894 feet of climbing – but OH the downhills you will have.  Read On.

Terrible Mountain Bicycle RideIf you start from Ludlow, the bad news is that Terrible Mountain is within a mile or so.  The good news is that the first 2.5 miles of the climb are rather gentle.  DO NOT GET COMPLACENT.

At about mile 2.5 you hit the wall.  From my recollection, about 12% to 17% for .33 miles.

Hills And Thrills
Climbing Terrible Mountain

After that, you have a 2.5 mile slog to the top.

On the other side,  you have about 2 miles of steep, at the top, downhill.  For speed demons,  I have regularly broken 50 mph on this hill.

As I got older, however, I hit the brakes on the top part of the hills.

After Terrible Mountain,  you  have rolling terrain through Weston and into Londonderry.  Lots of places to stop,  if you are so inclined.

After you leave Lond3 Beautiful Vermont Bicycle Rides 11onderry,  you again have some rolling terrain,  ending with a 1 mile climb up Magic Mountain.  Not too steep.

But, now, wait for it . . . you have 11 miles of downhill, with just a few tiny rises on the way, all the way into Chester Wheee.  Time for some well deserved lunch or snack.

The ride back to Ludlow, is, of course a climb, but nothing too strenuous.

All in all a lovely ride.

Ride 2. . . Ludlow to Woodstock Loop 53 Miles

The Ride To Woodstock 53 miles, 2600 feet of climbing  The start is at The Dunkin’  in Ludlow.

3 Vermont Bicycle Rides #1
Ludlow To Woodstoock, Loop

Right outside of Ludlow, some beautiful riding on Vermont 100.  About 10 miles of beautiful country road.

At mile 10.6 you turn on to VT 100A with a nasty little climb up to the Calvin Coolidge Historical Site.  Take break and look around.

3 Beautiful Vermont Bicycle Rides 12
Calvin Coolidge Historical Site

When done, continue on VT 100A, until it ends at Route 4.  This part of the ride is a bit busy, but is the only way into Woodstock, where you will spend some time walking around and having lunch.

For the ride back, you are again into scenic Vermont

There will be ups and downs, of course, but nice riding.

When you get to your turn at Route 131, stop for some ice cream at Villagers Ice Cream in Perkinsville, before the last 12 miles back.

Ride 3 . . . Ludlow to Grafton 41 Miles

Ludlow to Grafton.

Ludlow to Grafton VT
Ludlow Vt to Grafton VT


















The start of this ride is a, mostly downhill return to Chester.   You then turn on to State Route 103 for awhile, with a right onto Horseshoe Farm Road, to take you into a Step Back In Time In Grafton, VT.  Plan to eat here and spend some time wandering on foot or bicycle.

3 Beautiful Vermont Bicycle Rides 13
Grafton, VT








3 Beautiful Vermont Bicycle Rides 14








3 Beautiful Vermont Bicycle Rides 15





For the ride back, you can return the way you came, or follow the route for Chester/Grafton Rd.  This is a gorgeous country road.  It is two lanes with no shoulder, however.  Traffic is light.

Comments Welcome, Below

Cape Cod, MA, another great place to ride.

Glenn Abelson

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Bicycling Strong 302 – Speed vs. Roses Thu, 20 Aug 2020 17:05:19 +0000 Ride Strong – Either Way Works

Some of our strong rides in Oregon Columbia River Gorge, Rhode Island, California, Florida and Kansas City (yes, even KC).

If the ride is about Speed vs. Roses, my wife, will, invariably, chose roses.  On occasion, however,  she will consider bursts of speed 🙂

I used to be constantly torn between seeing how fast I can ride, especially if pace lining with people I trust, or just chilling out to “smell the roses”.

Both seem to have their merits,  and as I grow older, the speed matters less.

In “roses” mode I certainly to not get the same work out, but on a nice day, I think of nothing more relaxing than cruising along at a comfortable pace — no pace lining — taking the hills without concern about how long they take — and finishing the ride completely relaxed.
As my wife (main riding buddy) says “You ARE allowed to just enjoy the ride.”
Being male, I did not realize this until I did it.

So I decided to give it  try.  Here is what I saw and appreciated as I slowly (a relative term) rode by on various rides:


Speed vs. Roses
Rhode Island

Bicycling Strong 302 - Speed vs. Roses 16
Oregon – Columbia River Gorge.  There is an old highway converted to a bike pedestrian path (to avoid the need to ride on the interstate).  No need to walk anywhere  (what, get off your bike?) , this was part of the route.

Bicycling Strong 302 - Speed vs. Roses 17
Florida, locked the bikes and walked the trail.  Fortunately we have spd clips on mountain bike shoes.

cycling near palm desert CA
California. Riding on a desert road.

Strong riding on country roads
Adirondacks, NY – but could be any country road.

Bicycling Strong 302 - Speed vs. Roses 18
Just South of Kansas City, MO.  Ride south of KC on the Missouri side and you reach open land pretty quickly.  On the Kansas side you need to ride an extra five or ten miles — and then the road itself sometimes ends.


In “pace” mode, I absolutely miss much of the scenery, unless you consider the spinning back wheel of someone else’s bicycle, scenery.  However, besides being a tremendous workout, if I like my pace, there is a real sense of accomplishment.

I seem to move back and forth. Depends on the day and who I am riding with.

Getting Your Significant Other On A Bicycle

Lots of photos here.


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Incredibly Good, Bad, Ugly x 5 Wed, 05 Aug 2020 09:14:08 +0000 An Incredibly Mixed Bag Of Emotions On  A Single Ride
  • The Incredibly Good: Feeling great, weather great, riding the route you want.
  • The Bad: Scattered thundershowers enter into the picture.  
  • The Ugly: You and your bicycle with all the mud splatter.
  • The Good: Beating “you know who” up the hills three times in a row.
  • The Bad: Feeling pretty beat up yourself as a result.
  • The Ugly: Learning that “you know who” has not been riding for 8 weeks.
  • The Good: Being forced to take a smell the roses” ride and really enjoying it.The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  • The Bad: Being forced to take a ” smell the roses” ride and really enjoying it.
  • The Ugly: Wanting to do it again.
  • The Good: The brand new bicycle you have always wanted.
  • The Bad: The cost of the brand new bicycle.
  • The Ugly: You are already thinking of the next brand new bicycle.
  • The Good: Riding with like minded people and socializing on the bicycle ride.  (could also be bad)
  • The Bad: Riding with like minded people who think a fast pace line is the only way to ride. (could also be good)
  • The Ugly: You can’t decide which you like better.

And Finally . . .

  • The Good: Having your own website and blog to write about good, bad & ugly.
  • The Bad: Realizing you need to keep coming up with new topics to write about.
  • The Ugly: Wonderfully, nothing at all.

Of Course There Is The Art Of Getting Your Significant Other On A  Bicycle

The Good After The Ride

Incredibly Good



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Compendium – 4 Reasons, 7 Oblique Exercises & More Sat, 01 Aug 2020 18:28:08 +0000 Compendium – 4 Reasons, 7 Oblique Exercises & More

4 Research-Backed Reasons Why You Should Exercise for Stress Relief

Working out has been touted as a tension-busting strategy many times.  Here’s why it’s true.

7 Oblique Exercises That’ll Strengthen Your Core in Just 7 Minutes

If  you want stability on the bike, you need to build strength in these  muscles

Fat Cyclist

Down-to-earth musings and misadventures of an average schmo rider instead of the usual snoot of top riders or journalists

Red Kite Prayer

Commentary and analysis of the best in the bike world—minus sarcasm.

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Evil Cars vs. Courteous Cyclists Fri, 10 Jul 2020 22:32:06 +0000 Or Evil Cyclists, Courteous Cars?

Courteous Cyclists Would Be My Preference

but often, riding with groups, I find fault with my peers . . . often for not riding single file when there is traffic.

The error does not all lie with the motorless two wheel riders, however.

The other day I was out with my wife and a woman hollers from her car “Ride single file like you are supposed to.” At the light I spoke with her — or tried too — she was near hysterically angry. “We were riding single file” I said. She denied it.

Only after she pulled away did I realize that her pique was that we were NOT as far too the right as the road allows. The gutter is all chopped up and unsafe on that road. Maybe next time when I speak with driver I should ask what they really meant.

Courteous Cyclists, Riding on the right

. . .






A few years ago, a car squeezed up on the left of as we neared an intersection . . . causing some heated words on both sides. This time, however, the driver said to us “If you had expressed yourselves (us the bicyclists) more civilly, I’d probably have agreed with your point. But, by using the language and tone you did the conversation degenerated.”

One of the riders did take the time to clear the air . . . but I did not forget the driver’s point. Verbally insulting language will never win. While reasonable language may not win either, it does have a better chance.

Evil Cars vs. Courteous Cyclists 19
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

. . .








One day a police car came up the road to find our group of 15 scattered all over the place. He stopped us all and gave a deserved chewing out. He did not ticket anyone. Everyone was duly chastened.

When the police car drove off, the group rode off single file . . . but not more than a quarter mile.   Probably because Murphy was riding with us.

And we wonder why some drivers get so angry at bicyclists.

Evil or Courteous







It need not be us vs. them.

More on this topic here.  And here.


Comments welcome, at bottom of post.

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4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod Sat, 20 Jun 2020 05:56:22 +0000  4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod, Including Martha’s Vineyard

Two the bicycle clubs I rode with when I lived on Long Island (pronounced longailand) made annual treks to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

We did the same basic rides year after year, because they were gorgeous.

Long Island Bicycle Club  & Massapequa Park Bicycle Club both rode Bourne Bridge and Martha’s Vineyard.  Mass Park Bike Club also rode to Provincetown for a number of years.

Bourne Bridge from Woods Hole or Falmouth 41 or 51 miles

GPS Link

I would double check this route, as I recently re uploaded it from memory.
This route starts in Woods Hole.  However, you can start in Falmouth by riding then end of the ride, to Woods Hole, at the beginning.
You can also shave about 10 miles from the ride by not riding all of the canal trail.

bike ride to bourne bridge on cape cod a truly great ride
This route starts in Woods Hole. You can also start in Falmouth, towards the end of the ride, and ride to Woods Hole. You can shorten the ride by 10 miles, if, at the canal trail under the Bourne Bridge, you turn left, instead of right.

harbor woods hole ma
Harbor in Woods Hole, MA

unforgettable riding
Right off Water Street is School Street,  a nice quiet road. (Google Maps)

The outbound portion of the ride is on lots of relatively quiet streets, though even the numbered routes have shoulders and are not busy.  There is a rest room break at Old Silver Beach around mile 10.  The next break will be Bourne Bridge.

At about mile 14  the route cuts inland to bring to the canal path at the Bourne Bridge around mile 20.  For the full 51 miles,  turn right for the 10 mile out and back to the end of the path.  For the 41 mile version, turn left and continue the ride.

A popular lunch stop is The Lobster Trap a mile 32 or so.


4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod 20
The Lobster Trap, Bourne, MA (Google Maps)

Nobska Lighthouse
Nobska Lighthouse. We took some sunset photos after the ride.

The return ride to Falmouth and Woods Hole is routed along the road. You could take the parallel Shining Sea Bikeway, if you prefer.
Outside of Falmouth you ride along the shore and past the Nobska Lighthouse back to the start — where there is coffee, pastries, ice cream and beer at the various shops.

Cape Cod Rail Trail

Just over 25 miles, one way, along the interior of the island.  See details here

I haven’t ridden this trail for years, but, if you only want to do part  of it,  go to the middle of the trail somewhere, and ride North East (toward Eastham and Orleans). It is stunning.  There are lots of food and rest stops on the trail or immediately off the trail.


cape cod rail trail enduring beauty
Some stunning scenery (Google Maps)



GPS Route 38 miles. Options for more, below route map.

From the northern end of the Cape Cod Rail Trail, the ride starts through the park and along the shore.

The whole ride outbound is on quiet scenic roads.

Plan to lock your bike and spend some time in Provincetown.  It is a fun city.

Come back another time in your car and go whale watching.  The feeding grounds are in this area and it is not unusual to see multiple whales at a time.

Cape code provincetown bike ride
This round trip is about 38 miles.  You can add to this by riding to the tip of the island (about 6 miles round trip) and/or heading over to ride through the sand dunes on paved bike paths.

4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod 21
Ocean Avenue, at the start of the ride. Yes, the ocean is to your right.  (Google Maps)

4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod 22
After you cross over the highway, the rest of the ride in on the west side. The roads are just as nice, however. (Google Maps)

4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod 23
As you approach Provincetown, there will some summer communities and more views of the ocean. (Google Maps) 

Whale Watching, Provincetown, MA
There are several whale watching boats, all day long, from Provincetown. We liked the Dolphin Fleet, as they collaborated with non profit agencies regarding whales.

Martha’s Vineyard

This is one of my absolute favorite rides in the areaGPS Route 54 miles You can save 8 miles by turning right at mile 29.6, Menemsha Crossroad.  You will skip the the ride to the point, however.

The ride starts on this map from Vineyard Haven (the ferry from Woods Hole).  However, you can also pick up the ride in Oak Bluffs  (the ferry from Falmouth).


4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod 24
You can save 8 miles by turning right at mile 29.6, Menemsha Crossroad.  You will skip the the ride to the point, however.


4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod 25
From Vineyard Haven (at the beginning or end of the ride, depending on where you start from) you wend your way between the two town. Chop Road (Google Maps).  At this point you are riding between the two main towns on this side of the island.  While there are some quite streets, there may also be traffic.


4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod 26
As you leave Oak Bluffs there will be water on both sides.  Here you can ride on the bicycle path or the road.  In the past we have ridden both.  Usually we ride on the road if the bicycle path is crowded.

As you exit this section to the left look for Edgartown Bicycles (you will pass it on Main Street).  In the summer it is a natural rest stop.  They have  a bathroom and water as well as some really great bicycle shirts.

This loop actually by passes downtown Edgartown.   Tourist time would be at the beginning or end of your ride in Vineyard Haven or Oak Bluffs.

Instead, you will continue toward another beach, with a ride along the beach road.  You will then head inland, with some winding roads and wind up on Edgartown – West Tisbury Road.  Please read the note on the photo about riding on the road vs the bike trail.

If you ride on the bike trail you will eventually see a sign for the Martha’s Vineyard Hostel.  It is a pleasant rest stop.  In the past they had water and access to their outhouse.  If you wish to skip that stop, a few miles up the road is a large general store, with anything you may need.

After the general store, you turn right to get to Middle Road, down towards the end of the island. This is a more scenic way, with less traffic than South Road.

At Menemsha Crossroad, the route continues south to the end of the island for a great overlook and a 4 minute ferry ride to Menemsha for lunch.  If you want to cut off 8 miles, turn right at Menemsha Crossroad and bicycle directly into town.

After touring the southern part of the ride, and taking a break for the overlook, you will ride on Lobsterville Road toward the bike ferry.

Menemsha is a great place to stop for lunch.  If it is really hot outside, the food cabin right by the ferry landing has a covered porch.  For a treat, however, go around the block to one of the fisheries for a lobster roll and chowder.  Eat in the back on the wood crates, right on the habor.

There is plenty of food and shopping here.

After lunch it is a about 12 miles back to Vineyard Haven and 15 to Oak Bluffs.  It is a steady uphill most of the way, but few steep areas.  If you have time before your ferry, look for Martha’s Ice Cream, in either town.


Comments welcome,  below.

Cape Cod Off The Bicycle Photos

More Riding Like This – Through The Flat Portions Of  The Alps

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Start Your Ride With 15 People & Painstakingly Return Alone Mon, 08 Jun 2020 17:14:15 +0000 Start Your Ride With 15 People & Painstakingly Return Alone

Dash out of the starting point about  2-3 miles faster than the maximum ride pace.  Two of your riders decide to go off at their own pace.  You may tell them you will slow down, but they won’t believe you, because they have heard that before.

Start Your Ride
Colorado Pro Challenge


Tire yourself out from the above and slow down the ride pace.  Three more riders decide that, at this pace, they will get home after THE GAME starts, and that is not acceptable.

Group Bicycle Ride



Add lots of hills and climbing that have been added just for the sake of climbing hills and four more riders will decide that you are truly a machochist.  You are down to six riders, because they are having fun on all the hills.

start your ride with 15 people


Stop for a lunch break.  Invariably one or two people will not want to stop and sit for 20-40 minutes and will continue on.  Four riders left.

Start Your Ride With 15 People & Painstakingly Return Alone 29


One rider gets a flat.  Everyone stops to help, but it is getting late.  He or she tells you not to wait, they will get back on their own.

bicycle changing flat tire
The joke is always, how many cyclists does it take to change a flat tire. At least four, it seems.



Three miles to go and Larry leaves. He had ridden to the start from his house and is going directly back.

return alone



One mile from the end of the ride YOU decide to climb that one last hill, because it is there, and the one person remaining with you. That one person, my wife, decides I am truly nuts and takes the flat cutoff.

Start Your Ride With 15 People & Painstakingly Return Alone 30


Arrive back at the start by yourself.

Just another almost successful group ride.

To be a perfect success we need one change.

You need to start from YOUR home and never return to the start of the ride.

If none of that works, you still have the following options:

  • Tell the weaker rider(s) that the ride will be fast, hilly and long, before you start
  • If any riders go off the front, change the route and add a turn.  If they call you, claim you have no idea where you are, you just know where the turns are.
  • Tell the stronger riders you are feeling out of sorts and may cut the ride short.
  • Stop a lot to look at your gps while you scratch your head.
  • Ask , frequently, does anyone know if we go left or right here?
  • Keep dropping off the back.


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Avoid Getting Dropped

Comments welcome, at bottom.


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