Getting your significant other on the bicycle.

I’ve seen it happen over and over. Serious cyclists think of a 15% uphill grade as a fun challenge. New cyclists think of a 4% grade as hell.

If you want to introduce your significant other (s.o.) to the joys of cycling, consider the following thoughts:

  1. You ride at their pace, not yours. Nor do you ride at what you think their pace should be.
    Fortunately, my wife and started riding about the same time. I still had to follow this rule, but I was not much faster anyway. What a nice way to do this.
  2. You start with a short ride (be it 2 miles or 15 miles) that leaves “s.o.” comfortable and wanting to do this again.
  3. You never push, you only suggest, and not too often.
    What you say/What you mean
    We’ll take as many breaks as you need/but if too frequent we’ll just slow down

    No difficult hills today/There certainly will be hills (the operative word being “difficult”), if you expect to get stronger, but we’ll take them at your pace.Ă‚ If “s.o.” needs to walk, that is okay…just keep coming back to this hill…because one day they won’t need to walk and that will buoy spirits.

    We will stick to low traffic roads/You will stick to low traffic roads

    We will stop for a break as long as you want/After 20 minutes suggest that “s.o.” muscles will tighten up unless you ride, but start slowly.

    You get the idea – but feel free to add to this.

Your significant other will decide whether they cycling or not.