My mother in law had a great phrase to describe her live and let live attitude:  “Everyone has their own mishigas (craziness)”.

So too with the people I ride with.   While some of it is annoying, most of it is just interesting.

My wife is usually the only woman on our group rides or one of two or three.   Whenever she passes a bunch of male riders, most of them will, invariably,   peel out after her.

This does not happen when another guy does the same thing.   I call it the lemming effect.   She will do this just to see them react.

Many years ago we rode with a man who would always chase you up a hill.   A group of us would take turns making him nuts and exhausted.   On each hill one of us would dash ahead.   By the end of the ride he was shot.   He totally understood what was going on, but that was his mishigas.

I will really bother people about ride etiquette, often with no positive result.   I will continue to do it, because that is my mishigas.

Some riders in our group will only ride in front or back, unless the group is extremely well behaved, because they do not want to be in a pack of people shifting positions at any moment.

What is your mishigas? Share it with us.


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