Smelling the Barn

My wife, Susan, and I tend to ride in the back of the group with a little extra distance between between the riders in front of us.  Too many near miss accidents and a couple of bone breaking accidents have made us more cautious and conservative.

Neither do we try to catch up if the gap widens. Since the peloton seems to dash out then slow down, or get caught at a fair amount of traffic lights, we know we catch up within a few minutes.

As a result of this refusal to dash out, catch up, power to the front and to otherwise expend unnecessary energy, by the end of the ride Susan is not particularly tired.

So, about five to eight miles from the end, she gets the ‘horse smells the barn door’ effect.  Knowing there is no longer a need to conserve strength,  she feels free to ‘go for it’.  This never fails to impress all the tired riders who can no longer dash up  hills or race off the front of the group.

Maybe something for all of us to think about.