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I have been updating all my bicycle trips, with extensive texts and photos.  The  most recent posts are listed below. 

All full list is here.  

Riding With My Wife

From The Beginning Of Time Up To And Including Today  My wife and I often ride alone together — just the two of us.  (We also drink often alone, together,  but only wine and beer, for the George Thorogood fans among you). Riding with my wife has changed radically over the years. Its different than […]

Hardcore or Chill Cyclist.13

How Do You Ride Your Bicycle? Are your a hardcore or chill cyclist? Hardcore: The longer/hillier way back is better. Chill: You have food in my belly,  flatter is better. Hardcore:  60% chance of rain means 40% chance you can ride. Chill: 40% chance of rain means wait and see. Hardcore: Push those hills. Chill: […]


My Social Distance Bicycle Ride

MY SOCIAL DISTANCE BICYCLE RIDE or Indecision is the key to flexibility.  Also see this post. I hadn’t been riding for a week or so, of more or less constant rain, in sunny Southern California. Susan and I are staying in place here as opposed to the Kansas City area, where we live (a whole […]


3 Scenic Rides In S. California

Riding The Newport Beach, Dana Point. San Clemente & Laguna Woods Area Our local bicycle club does scenic rides on a weekly basis. Every winter, we leave the Kansas City area for the warmth of S. California. We also get the beach. As former New Yorkers who grew up and lived by the ocean, moving […]


2 Fast Miles To The End

Saving your strength when bicycling with a group.

14 Bicycle Lies

Bicycle Lies & What Is Really Meant, Truthful Or Not I am not going too slow. You are doing a relaxed/recovery pace on purpose. You chose to go on a ride that you knew would be a push and cannot keep up. The huge breakfast was a bad idea. Your city cruiser was the wrong […]

3 Beautiful Vermont Bicycle Rides

 Beautiful And Scenic, With Plenty Of Hills And Thrills, 3 Beautiful Vermont Bicycle Rides Two of the bicycle clubs I was in when I lived on (yes, on not in) Long Island (pronounced Longailand) NY,  took multi day trips to central Vermont every summer. One club rented a house in Proctorsville,  Vt., just outside of […]


Bicycling Strong 302 – Speed vs. Roses

Ride Strong – Either Way Works Some of our strong rides in Oregon Columbia River Gorge, Rhode Island, California, Florida and Kansas City (yes, even KC). If the ride is about Speed vs. Roses, my wife, will, invariably, chose roses.  On occasion, however,  she will consider bursts of speed 🙂 I used to be constantly […]

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Incredibly Good, Bad, Ugly x 5

An Incredibly Mixed Bag Of Emotions On  A Single Ride The Incredibly Good: Feeling great, weather great, riding the route you want. The Bad: Scattered thundershowers enter into the picture.   Or, maybe not The Ugly: You and your bicycle with all the mud splatter. The Good: Beating “you know who” up the hills three times […]


Compendium – 4 Reasons, 7 Oblique Exercises & More

Compendium – 4 Reasons, 7 Oblique Exercises & More 4 Research-Backed Reasons Why You Should Exercise for Stress Relief Working out has been touted as a tension-busting strategy many times.  Here’s why it’s true. 7 Oblique Exercises That’ll Strengthen Your Core in Just 7 Minutes If  you want stability on the bike, you need to […]