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I will be updating all my bicycle trips, with extensive texts and photos over the next several months.  The  most recent posts are listed below.  All full list is here.  If you need a larger list, look here.

Incredibly Good, Bad, Ugly x 5

An Incredibly Mixed Bag Of Emotions On  A Single Ride The Incredibly Good: Feeling great, weather great, riding the route you want. The Bad: Scattered thundershowers enter into the picture.   Or, maybe not The Ugly: You and your bicycle with all the mud splatter. The Good: Beating “you know who” up the hills three times […]


Compendium – 4 Reasons, 7 Oblique Exercises & More

Compendium – 4 Reasons, 7 Oblique Exercises & More 4 Research-Backed Reasons Why You Should Exercise for Stress Relief Working out has been touted as a tension-busting strategy many times.  Here’s why it’s true. 7 Oblique Exercises That’ll Strengthen Your Core in Just 7 Minutes If  you want stability on the bike, you need to […]


Evil Cars vs. Courteous Cyclists?

Or Evil Cyclists, Courteous Cars? Most of the time, riding with groups, I find fault with my peers . . . often for not riding single file when there is traffic. The error does not all lie with the motorless two wheel riders, however. The other day I was out with my wife and a […]


4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod

 4 Unforgettable Rides In Cape Cod, Including Martha’s Vineyard Two the bicycle clubs I rode with when I lived on Long Island (pronounced longailand) made annual treks to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. We did the same basic rides year after year, because they were gorgeous. Long Island Bicycle Club  & Massapequa Park Bicycle Club […]


Start Your Ride With 15 People & Painstakingly Return Alone

Start Your Ride With 15 People & Painstakingly Return Alone Dash out of the starting point about  2-3 miles faster than the maximum ride pace.  Two of your riders decide to go off at their own pace.  You may tell them you will slow down, but they won’t believe you, because they have heard that […]


7 Great Days Cycling Palm Desert

7 Great Days Cycling Palm Desert In 2013, Susan and I  spent a week in Palm Desert, CA  (someone has to do it) bicycling and hiking. First stop Tri A Bike, for our rentals.  We found them to be the best price for good aluminum rentals.  Rental prices, at that time, were excellent.  As of […]


Riding Through 3 Countries In The Alps – Awesome

Riding Through 3 Countries, In The Valleys Of The Alps Several years ago, some friends of ours convinced Susan and me* to take an overseas bicycle trip.  I say convinced, because, from our point of view, there are more great places to ride in the United States, like the Columbia River Gorge, in Oregon, than […]


Absolute, Ironclad, Flexible? Rules For Cycling During Covid19 Pandemic.

When riding during with Covid19, there are important things to remember, or not. These are ironclad rules, with unlimited exceptions.  They are absolute, with a high degree of flexibility.  Huh? You Are Leaving Brooklyn, Pay Attention SHOULD YOU  RIDE ALONE DURING THE PANDEMIC?  DO YOU NEED A MASK? You should always ride alone, except for […]


Group Riding Requires Your Undivided Attention Part 1 of ?

No Safe Riding Habits = Know Pain Know Safe Riding Habits = No Pain You are DRIVING your bicycle, not riding it.  Your undivided attention is required. Call Outs Are Good Riding Technique The riders in front of you and the riders behind you don’t necessarily see what you see. So, if you see something […]


Riding, Or Not, During This Very Strange Time With Covid19

Riding, Or Not,  During This Very Strange Time With Covid19 Groups of one No Pace lines You can go at whatever pace you want No mask, when you ride alone*, as it is two hard to breath Shorter rides, especially for the women as most rest rooms are closed (whoops, they are starting to open […]